Disco! Disco! Disco!

October 26, 2006

Disco! Disco! Disco!The new darling in stylish cd/dvd burning finally is realeased into the wil through a new public beta from Monday on: Disco.

I already had the luck of beaing able to testdrive Disco and it’s so far what you would expect from a small cd/dvd burning app. What’s still missing, but will follow shortly and will be included in the final version is burning Audio CDs.

But what I really love about real Mac apps is the process of installation: Download and open the disc image, drag & drop the app to the applications folder (best is if they already have an alias to you applications folder on the disc image like they have it on the disco image), wait a second, you’re done.

And real Mac apps also have some gimmicks. The special thing when working with disco is: Smoke.

Yes, your dvd is burnt, so, there’s gotta be smoke. A great feature. You can read more about this feature on their website… here: http://discoapp.com/blog/?p=25 

And it even reacts to your mousemovements if you’re hovering over them. Nice.

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