Addictive Game Alert: Linerider

October 29, 2006

Just stumbled upon it on youtube: Linerider.

A great small flash game where you have to draw lines/ramps/hills/slopes to keep a virtual sledder on track or just let him crash against a wall 😉

Quote: At first glimpse, it looks like a silly scrawl. But don’t let that fool
you — Line Rider is becoming one of the most popular flash games on the
web. Part Jackass stunt, part physics lesson, Line Rider encourages
users to “draw” their own ramps, hills, and slopes with a pencil tool,
then sends a virtual sledder (wearing a red scarf) along the route
until he swoops, swerves and crashes. Build an elaborate enough course
and you’ll feel like a little kid playing in the snow again, zooming
downhill, popping up in the air, wiping out on a ramp jump a la Evel

You definitely should throw a look at it, but just if you wanna spend the next days and nights drawing lines..

By the way: titles it “the newest time waster” here


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