Also for all banana biting blind apes out there 😉

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October 5, 2006

According to an reuters article, Paris should live in fear.

They found a dead ape near paris and tell everyone to be afraid. There really must be a lot of apes running around paris and biting people 😉

In case of being an Greece King in 1920, it’s to late for you…

“In 1920, Moritz, an ape, got into a fight with Fritz, the dog companionof King Alexander of Greece. Wanting to break up the fight, the youngking was bitten by the ape and died two weeks later of septicemia. Thenew king was so detested by the western powers that they withdrew theirsupport, causing Greece to lose the war. So it was that Moritz the apeand Fritz the dog changed the entire course of Greek and Turkishhistory.”

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