When running Intel Xserves and using the lights-out management of the Xserves (I’ll write more about configuring this in a later post), you should not use the security locking mechanism at the front of the xserve. Otherwise your xserve on restarts won’t reboot but instead stay down.

It took us 2 hours and several missed restarts to figure that out 😉

Some more links about the LOM:





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From Using High Availability IP Failover in Mac OS X Server 10.4:

“With Mac OS X Server 10.4.7 (Universal) or later through 10.4.8, IP
failover does not work with Intel-based Macs. This document will be
updated as more information becomes available.”

Hm, it worked fine on our Powermac Xserves, but for now, we’ll have to figure out something new…

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Steve’s thoughts on DRM

February 6, 2007

Steve Jobs personally published a letter about music and digital rights management, to be read here: http://www.apple.com/hotnews/thoughtsonmusic/ 

In essence: The big four music companys (Universal, Sony-BMG,…) should stop pushing for DRMs on digitally sold music and should finally start really making money of their music online – as they do with their not drm-protected audio-cds.

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XML Escape Sequences

February 6, 2007

When using XML to be loaded into a flash file, the following signs have to be “escaped”:

& (Ampersand) &
< (Left angle bracket) &lt;
> (Right angle bracket) &gt;
” (Straight quotation mark) &quot;
‘ (Apostrophe) &apos;

To “escape” means you instead of using an &, <, > ,… you just use their longer description like &amp; and you’re out of trouble.

Fresh from iSlayer.com: iStat Pro Version 3.3.

As they say:

iStat pro is the ultimate system monitoring widget, consisting of nine sections which can be minimized, expanded, or closed.

Itfeatures detailed information on CPU, memory, hard drives, IP andexternal IP, bandwidth, CPU temperature, battery, uptime, temperatures,and fans. You’ll know exactly what’s going on inside your Mac!

Not for the faint-hearted or anyone with a small screen.

An if you have all options activated, you should at least have a 17″ widesreen display (like my macbook pro…).

Now you can also monitor the temperature and fans on Intel Macs. I’ve been waiting for that…

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I know, Discwarrior for Intel Macs is out for a few weeks now, but I just stumbled upon the Upgrade.

New to Discwarrior?

It’s the essential tool for harddisc repairs on (Intel and PowerPC) Macs. It repairs your harddrive after failures by rebuilding the directory from scratch. Like they say:

“Everything just disappeared after your Mac went
haywire. All your work documents. The music you most enjoy. The movie
of your kid’s first steps. It’s your life and it’s gone. Don’t
panic! DiskWarrior will find your documents, photos, music and any
other files when disaster strikes and things go missing.

you’ve tried to open a document and all that happens is a color wheel
that spins and spins and spins… Or when your Mac starts up, all you get
is a blinking question mark… Or you were in the middle of editing a
movie and now your external hard disk isn’t on the desktop… Or your
MP3s won’t play… Or every time you look through your photos, your Mac
crashes. DiskWarrior gets you back up and running fast!”

We’ve been working with Discwarrior since mounting FireWire harddrives on apeish G3s for the first time (and the directories were corrupted after every second mount) and could almost always repair our discs with this great tool and with the update it now also works on my MonkeyBook Pro.

By the way: It doesn’t however help if your harddisc really crashed physically ;-(

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The best tutorial so far:


Great, now I’ll start programming RoR 😉 We’ll see how far it goes…

Blogged with Flock

First I was a bit of a sceptic in regards to RSS-feeds, but now RSS feeds are a big timesaver for me: Earlier I always checked websites for new posts quite daily. Most times instead of doing  what I really should…

Using Flock, I just gave it a try and “Voilá”: I don’t have to check the websites any more, a small icon tells me when new entries are available, great… saves me about an hour a day 😉

By the way: You can also subscribe to my rss feed: https://blindape.wordpress.com/feed/

Blogged with Flock

mydreamapp.com yesterday released the results for the contest searching for the best new mac app idea.

Winners are: Atmosphere (showing the weather outside on your desktop), Portal (a sync service) & Cookbook (a cookbook application – what else?).

My personal favourite won: Portal. It can be used to sync all kinds of files between different Macs without the need for .Mac. Sounds great. Hopefully the user interface will improve a lot, but I don’t loose hope yet, as Austin Sarner, the creator of AppZapper and one of the brains behind Disco, is one of the programmers realizing the three apps…

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Disco! Disco! Disco!

October 26, 2006

Disco! Disco! Disco!The new darling in stylish cd/dvd burning finally is realeased into the wil through a new public beta from Monday on: Disco.

I already had the luck of beaing able to testdrive Disco and it’s so far what you would expect from a small cd/dvd burning app. What’s still missing, but will follow shortly and will be included in the final version is burning Audio CDs.

But what I really love about real Mac apps is the process of installation: Download and open the disc image, drag & drop the app to the applications folder (best is if they already have an alias to you applications folder on the disc image like they have it on the disco image), wait a second, you’re done.

And real Mac apps also have some gimmicks. The special thing when working with disco is: Smoke.

Yes, your dvd is burnt, so, there’s gotta be smoke. A great feature. You can read more about this feature on their website… here: http://discoapp.com/blog/?p=25 

And it even reacts to your mousemovements if you’re hovering over them. Nice.

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